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2004-08-04 @ 3:32 p.m.

I was watching The Two Towers again with me da. At one point he remarked, with some exasperation, "Why can't they all have normal names?" To answer this I present 10 Good Reasons Why The Lord of the Rings Would Not Work With Regular Names:

1. "I am Joe, son of Bob. By my life or death I can save you I will."

2. "I pass the test. I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Laura."

3. "The Dark Lord Mitch."

4. "Tell me, old friend, when did the wisdom of Steve turn to madness?"

5. "Arise now Riders of Larry! Dire deeds awake, dark it is eastward."

6. "Hear now the Ballad of Ralph Nine Fingers."

7. "We are the servants of Steve the Wise, the White Hand: the Hand that gives us man's-flesh to eat. We came out of Isengard, and led you here, and we shall lead you back by the way we choose. I am Randal. I have spoken."

8. "We promises, yes I promise!' said George. 'I will serve the master of the Precious. Good master, good Marty, george, george!"

9. Never yet had any fly escaped from Mary's webs, and the greater now was her rage and hunger."

10. "You look upon a woman. Jane I am, Eddie's daughter. You stand between me and my lord and kin. Begone, if you be not deathless! For living or dark undead, I will smite you, if you touch him. "

Yeah, it's just not the same, is it?

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