Failing Miserably
2004-10-08 @ 12:12 p.m.

Why does my English professor want us to fail? She gave us this ginormous question for an hour-long midterm that could barely be answered in a 5 page paper. grrr. I also have a History of Film midterm on Monday as well as a plus 5 page paper due for history. The history paper will be fun to write, the Film studying less so. I have decided that I will start the paper (at least the organizational phase) this afternoon. I do so enjoy my history class, mostly in ways that have nothing to do with a certain gentleman. I was unsure about it at first because the name of the class, "Frontiers and Boundaries," is so vague, but it really has been quite rewarding. This weekend I shall buckle down, my nose to the grindstone and my shoulder to the wheel - no! both shoulders to wheels - and get things accomplished. At least until I realize that they're showing a good movie on AMC.
This afternoon, I have to go do a little survey thing in a History 199 class for the Acadmic Integrity Board. ... I'm such a narc. But it looks good on the resume and it is important. Unfortunately, I feel like such an ass doing these surveys.
In other news, I watched the Vice Presidential debate on Wednesday. I was watching with me da, so there was much snark on the bionic-Cheney front. He is so a Decepticon.
Also in other news, I started making posts to my LiveJournal (which is here). It's cool. I like it for doing silly little posts about my morning commute or something that's currently irritating me, but I like d-land better for these long sorts of rambling or hashing things out entries.
Thought of the Day:
midterms > watching Dr. Strangelove

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