Murphy's Law - 2,629,163,298, Sarah - 2
2004-08-23 @ 9:47 a.m.

I am a Murphy's Law magnet. If you understand this, you'll have a pretty good idea of what my life is like. You see, nothing really horrible ever happens to me, just a constant stream of minor annoyances that make life more difficult than it needs to be but not unbearable. Stuff breaks, I lose things, events do not happen on time, I have no good luck. It generally come out all right, of course, but it takes longer than it should to get there.

E.G. Quite awile ago, the beginning of June, I believe, the modem on my computer got fried - literally, there was a lightning strike. I ordered a new modem on-line. Unfortunately, they did not send a driver with it, nor was one for my opperating system available to download from the manufacture. So the computer could not talk to the new hardware, making my shiny new 40 dollar modem useless. So, at the suggestion of my father, who is smart about these things, I bought a external modem card thing which actually came with driver software. So I tried to install that. And failed. Several times. And then made me Da do it. And it worked. Of course. With my internet finally working after nearly 2 months, my computer caught a virus. grrr. To make a long story short (too late) I bought anti-virus software, which didn't work correctly and had to reformat the hard drive. I am now in the process of reinstalling all the necessary hardward and planning to find the author of the virus and emasculate him with a rusty spoon.

As I said before, it all worked out, but I'm out quite a bit of time and money. Le Really Big Sigh. I'm not complaining, mind you. ...Well, I am, but I fully realize that I could have it much much worse. I just wish that things would go a bit more smoothly a bit more often.

Thought of the Day:

Thanks to the Olympics, I am now a soccer fan.

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